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Canadian Zen Haiku canadien Vol 2 no 3
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High Coombs

it matters not
how bright the day is,
it´ll be no more than a tale.

a rainbow in my
window often repeats
as a small miracle.

clouds kiss
like classical lovers
framed on canvass

& disperse
pretending innocence,
remorseless, relentless,

as though they´d wanted to erase
the poetry they´d written
with an endless substitution.


On the Downs.

warm spring rain
in songland song,
wild spring rain

& songland gone,
the downs swollen
down dancing rains

on wind sheets driven,
the woodland darken
& all ways run

down to the fen
to north & south joining,
to the way formless forming.


The Poem.

the poem goes on,
as when the word is gone,
it only goes on.

not to echo sentiment,
it is nothing if not elegant.

nor ideological musing
or that image matches

that´s but in the flashing
to the flowing which knows

only its coming & going,
not for a song of a swan,

if you seek meaning
instead of seeming,
wider than fiction.

Copyright Robin Ouzman Hislop 2004

All rights reserved


Dandelion Ditch Haiku

day looks like a ditch,
dandelions beguile
deceitful smiles,

soul tempters votive
to impossible secrets,
they stay to insist,

as though knoll hedgerows
oér hill & far away
led from present fray.

yet i would weep at
what you would have me believe,
yet not to conceive,

ditch dandelion
show, tho your promised coronae
funeral this berth.

this dearth by ditch where
i find you wild in spring
inviting nothing

in the sparkling sun,
sarcophagus & flagstone
broken to ruin

speaking of captive
hour flower tempted hearts,
robbed & beguiled.

Copyright Robin Ouzman Hislop 2004




Tanka (i)

by twilight hedgerows
collecting wild flowers
sameness differs in
infinite variety
only illusion remains

Tankai (ii)

sameness manifests
itself through difference
as paradox in
infinite variety
through the inequality
of opposites, all
is the maya of kali
& consummation.

© by Robin Ouzman Hislop 2004

All rights reserved


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