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Canadian Zen Haiku canadien Vol 2 no 3
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Ursula T. Gibson

Hope springs eternal
      in the human breast." Give a boy
            a fishing pole. See?

Ursula T. Gibson 2004

      Since 1988 Ursula T. Gibson has published 3 chapbooks and a CD of her poetry, her book, "Be Prepared, Don't Mumble, Look UP! or How to Read Poetry Aloud".  Many of her poems have been published in English-speaking countries. For the last eight years, she has been Poetry Editor of:

      Poetic Voices


      Deborah P. Kolodji


      summer evening
      two fingers of poi
      at the luau


      summer evening
      spent fishing on the lake
      a catch of mosquitoes


      summer evening
      after the lake trip
      calamine lotion


      summer evening
      embers from the campfire
      change direction


      meteor showers
      hiding behind a blanket
      of summer clouds

      mountain silhouette -
      lacing up her tired feet
      in worn hiking boots

      by Deborah P. Kolodji 2002 & 2004



      Michael Thaler

      Breezy summer day
      Wind chimes entertain the birds
      I sip my sweet tea

      I'm an open book
      Feelings laid out like dried fish
      In the summer sun

      by Michael Thaler

      Michael Thaler, who lived in Japan for three years, works as an English teacher, and studies karate and Japanese religion. He is employed as a copy editor at a daily newspaper in New Jersey. Michael has this to say about haiku, "The older I get, the more Ican appreciate brevity, econonomy of words, pithiness. That's why I love haiku. Now if only I could live my life like a haiku: In the moment." Michael's home page is:

      Help Yourself to a Photographic Slice of Japan

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