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SONNETTO POESIA Vol 3 no 4 2004

Oh Canada Won excuse me 1!
Oh Canada too to er two?
UK (Uk is right!)
USA' writes snotnets

UK (Uk is right!)




Potato's Bathtime Blog


by ~The Potato of Terror~ 28th August '04

How like a whale in shallow tides I lie
With rubber mallard pointing to the South;
Short legs akimbo, upturned to the sky,
And vintage cognac poised beneath my mouth.

During intoxicated reverie,
Couched in icebergs and glaciers of foam,
Feet resting on the taps, nonchalantly,
'Tis then I miss the pixie dells of home.

When fame arrived, to "rear its ugly head",
And pluck me from blissful obscurity,
It brought great monstrous bimbos to my bed
Along with nights of drunk debauchery.

Now here I lie, like some recumbent whale,
Lucky to be alive to tell the tale.

Friendly Vegetables,

by The Potato of Terror 2004



by ~The Potato of Terror~ 20:53 21/08/2004

Go thrust thy buttocks through the window frame,
Thou always claimed the sun arose therein;
We've seen them all, yet no two are the same,
Peach or Marquee, enormity or thin.

Ascending flocks of angels hide their eyes,
The sun and moon shall turn away their face,
White lightning bolts illuminate the skies
As thy behind is shown, from place to place.

Go thrust thy buttocks through the window frame,
Let fancy fly at caution as it likes;
Reveal its oblate splendour without shame,
Give flying pigs a place to park their bikes.

Go then, be like the ever-changing moon,
Or like some vast, mutating macaroon.

Friendly Vegetables,

by The Potato of Terror 2004


Felix Regina

Dictated By Sara L. Russell's Cat, Harley, Sept 2004.

I am the cat
that owns this place
and the very smile upon your face
and everything you see is mine
you may kneel where I recline.

you think is yours
bears the mark of mighty claws
(discreetly marked just out of view)
I simply laugh and laugh, I do.

rise and fall
and speaking, say nothing at all.
I laugh to see them on TV,
they'll never get to live like me.

Purring softly
by the fire
the fluffy friend you all admire
- you're all under my command
just exactly as I planned.

by Harley and Sara Russell 2004