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SONNETTO POESIA Vol 3 no 4 2004

Oh Canada Won excuse me 1!
Oh Canada too to er two?
UK (Uk is right!)
USA' writes snotnets

USA' writes snotnets




A Simple Sonnet [parody of the sonnet]

A simple poem to fill one's heart with love
with words seeming to roll off a Poet's tongue;
like angels up above, a snow white dove
and pretty things of which have all been sung.
Of babbling brooks and blue birds flying high
up over rainbows, gentle winds that blow;
of fluffy clouds, stars twinkling in the sky,
snow shining neath moon's light, a lovely tree
with falling leaves. Each day that comes, I greet
with this, my little tune, and filled with glee,
I stop to smell the blooming rose so sweet.
    I hope you didn't fall into the trap
    of liking this cliche-filled piece of crap!

by Andrea Dietrich 2003


Nature's Call  [SNOTNET]

Whilst once upon a summer’s languid day
I felt a call to nature that was constricted.
A quandary began as wont it wouldn’t play.
That putrid substance that need be evicted
Which caused a condition quite a twisted
Unlike the normal course which exited non sachet
And sent detritus expeditiously down the sluiceway.
Prunes advantageously arrived by the pail,
Causing a down draft, destroying those frail.
To whit the mechanics of compression, I shat
Not prepared for proper placement, I used my hat.
The birds did flee and the grass turned brown.
The mission on that languid day accomplished
And the call of nature moresoever vanquished.

Kitsune Miko 2004


Sandy Vrooman is a deceptively normal looking woman. Time has taken its toll on her body, but not on her mind or spirit. She is the creator of Kitsune Miko, a courtesan from a Japanese feudal court where the quality of a liaison was judged by the quality of the poetry exchanged between lovers. Of course Kitsune Miko thinks she is responsible for the writings of Sandy Vrooman.

Born in Chicago of Lithuanian parentage, now residing in Menlo Park, California, near Stanford University.

Sandy's home page is:

Welcome to Sandy Vrooman's home page


Feline Love

Wake up darling it’s time for your dinner.
Stretchy, stretchy, lover wants a pillow?
Sleep by day, carouse all night. You sinner,
sunrise finds you weary as the willow.

Can you not hear me calling? Are you deaf?
One eye half open, another half shut.
I am your mother, friend, lover and chef,
come right this minute, or I will kick your butt!

What’s that? A yawn? Well, well, we are alive!
Was it dreams of dinner, or my sweet lap
that did it? You love me you say? You jive!
Give me that pillow. You’ve finished your nap.

When your needs are met you’re truly divine,
you *silly-neeliet, you feline swine!

* silly-neeliet: made up word - means nothing except to a mother.

by Carmen Ruggero 2004