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Sonnetto Poesia Vol 2. no 1
Table of Contents
1 Christmas sonnets de NoŽl
2 Christmas sonnets de NoŽl
3 Winter sonnets de l'hiver
4 Xonnets
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Table of Contents


Author                          Page + Title
Crystal Rose                 3 Villanelle, "The Silver Heart"
Crystal Rose                 4 X-sonnet
Extra Virgin Olive          2 An Ululation to  Panto-Spud
Henry F. Heald              1 Christmas Sonnet
Deborah P. Kolodji        4 Pink Slip, Deluxe!
Robin Ouzman              3 Fragments Far & Near
Potato of Terror            2 Panto Time!
Sara L. Russell              2 An Aesthetic Christmas
Sara L. Russell              4 Fat to the Max (Xonnet)
Robert Lyle Temple       1 Christmas Sonnet
Richard Vallance           4 Carfax (Xonnet)
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