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Sonnetto Poesia Vol 2. no 1
Table of Contents
1 Christmas sonnets de NoŽl
2 Christmas sonnets de NoŽl
3 Winter sonnets de l'hiver
4 Xonnets
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4 Xonnets



  The light flickers off dripping candle wax,
  as my mind slowly begins to relax.
  As if drifting along the River Styx.
  The vision in my mind I did transfix.
  My dreams Intertwined with the devil's flax.
  Why is the journey of life so complex?
  Why on me did you cast this evil hex?
  To a life so quite confused and perplex.
  Will I be in a never-ending flux?
  I feel I am sitting on the convex.
  Caught in this forever-spinning vortex.
  I must take control and my life I'll fix.
  But first the sly devil I must outfox.
  Before he can open Pandora's box!

  ©2002 Crystal Rose







 When losing weight, TV is made to vex;
 All chefs use marscapone in the mix,
 Or lumps of lard, or buttercream or Trex,
 It really puts weight-watchers in a fix.
 How can one walk and shimmy like a fox
 When low fat fromage frais is rather lax,
 And only double cream can rock one's box,
 And only chocolate helps us to relax?
 One teaspoonful, or maybe five or six,
 of olive oil, within the cauldron's hex,
 Then pork crackling and cheese into the mix,
 How do those chefs stay fit enough for sex?
 This gourmet food is fatty to the max,
 So let's skip lunch and go for a leg wax.

© by Sara Russell, 2002




  Pink Slip, Deluxe

  The machine hummed away, spit out a fax.
  She stopped, scanned resumes, turned to a box
  overflowing with mail, certain the ax
  would fall without warning. Her boss, sly fox
  that he was, had advertised for a tax
  accountant with her skills. She wished a pox
  on his house and left for the spa, a wax
  treatment, a massage and nails painted onyx.
  She returned to the office after six
  searching for ammunition to perplex
  his plans, and perhaps, a permanent fix
  to the org chart. Some dirt, nothing complex.
  Eureka! A journal. Illicit sex.
  She smiled. One more lover, soon-to-be ex.

  © by Deborah P. Kolodji 20122002



 From Transylvania to Halifax
 We sailed against fierce gales, because his hex
 Had been cast on us, nor could we relax
 Until we'd left behind that dark complex
 Spell Dracula had cast when of his six
 Sarcophagi, one was lost in Carfax,
 Who knows where, hid amidst thin candle wix,
 And spider webs and globs of dripping wax!

 It came to pass (we'd thought) we'd left that box,
 AccursŤd crate, and fired our dreams to fix
 On greener pastures here! Alas, the pox
 Had hounded us across the pond. That fox
 Had snuck below our decks, where soon he'd flex
 His fangs!  And he gave us all apoplex

 © by Richard Vallance 2002

 December 17th., 2002

SONNETTO POESIA. Vol. 2, no.1, Winter, 2002/2003