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Sonnetto Poesia Vol 2. no 1
Table of Contents
1 Christmas sonnets de NoŽl
2 Christmas sonnets de NoŽl
3 Winter sonnets de l'hiver
4 Xonnets
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2 Christmas sonnets de NoŽl

An Aesthetic Christmas

Fair Lily lounges in the window seat
Oscar sips from a glass of chardonnay,
While Bosie pouts and stares down at his feet.
The lady of the house sits down to play.
She plays a concerto in dancing notes,
Evocative of love and long-lost friends;
Light-hearted staves flowing like anecdotes.
Outside the leaded window, snow descends.
Says Lily, tartly, "Lord, this snow is foul!"
La Bernhardt disagrees, "But it's divine!"
Young Bosie curves his lips into a scowl,

Too bored or introspective to opine.
Then Oscar says: "It's nothing, I declare,
But genie dust descending through the air."

© 2002 Sara L. Russell

                  Panto Time!

 Christmas is very close to Panto Time,
 When boys are girls and girls are boys withal,
 When stage managers weave their wanton rhyme,
 And Cinders really shall go to the ball.
 Come sing of mighty, strapping men in tights,
 With faces painted Widow Twankee style,
 Come raise the curtain on such stunning sights
 As bring pantomime-horse backsides to smile.
 Behold, in fifteen minutes I am on,
 To strut the boards in boots and velvet hose;
 The villain of the drama - and anon,
 "Look, IT'S BEHIND YOU" sounds, as tension grows.
 Young tubers laugh, I flee the scene of crime.
 Lock up your sheep, my friends, it's Panto Time!

Love and rockets,

© The Potato of Terror (P.O.T.), 2002



An Ululation to Panto-Spud,

by Extra Virgin Olive

Ah Pomme, the fairest maiden of the night,
You, gentlest succor of my World's delight.
caress my heart with tendrils, slender, bright
to give, who takes delight in fancy's flight.
To take who gives me pleasure when in sight.
No less in memory's eye, a mystic rite
of adoration, fertile troglodyte,
whose lightest glance my joy incite;
whose touch a conflagration may ignite:
more hot, more firey than hot anthacite,
more pure, more kind, most like Snow-White;
more rousing of my fiercest appetite.
Legumes to your superiority
defer, concede your grand authority.

© EV (extra virgin) Olive, 2002

            (Brian Whatcott)

SONNETTO POESIA. Vol. 2, no. 1.  Winter, 2002/2003