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Sonnetto Poesia Vol 2. no 1
Table of Contents
1 Christmas sonnets de NoŽl
2 Christmas sonnets de NoŽl
3 Winter sonnets de l'hiver
4 Xonnets
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3 Winter sonnets de l'hiver

"The Silver Heart"

The silver heart,
of eternal light,
It's been torn apart.

Once a work of art,
true love it did invite,
the silver heart.

Never again to start,
happiness and delight.
It's been torn apart.


Now it only does impart
loneliness and fright,
the silver heart.

From this we must depart
and this sorrowful sight.
It's been torn apart.

A new course we'll chart,
beyond the moonlight.
The silver heart,
It's been torn apart.

© 2002 Crystal Rose



On wings of frostiness, cold days ascend
In one resplendent arc welled out towards
The zenith, and while stinging nights descend
On us the while, in a while well sharp swords
Of suns' Renascence shall be cleanly struck
In filaments whose stronger silvers glance
Off snows and frosts until (with any luck!)
Stiff icicles will drip, and drip or dance
Off drops in the moonlight even and at
Dawn, and though they may abide, bide your day,
And they shall fall on semi-frost, go, "Splat!"
As Aurora, Spring's, comes to disarray
Them all, pathetic shards Jack Frost clings to,
As rob' robin wings in his prescient blue!

© by Richard Vallance 2003


SONNETTO POESIA. Vol. 2, no. 1.  Winter, 2002/2003


  Fragments Far & Near

  Bitter frost is on the ground
  Hoar is on the brow
  Feet tread as though on sand
  No tracks left in dew.


  This the wilderness, this the threshold
  This the world, mirage & wall
  This the place yet still to be crossed
  This the face & shadow to fall.

  Yet the wall will fall in its place
  & imprison no garden to an orison
  Bound to time in veiled space,
  Whose arms beckon tinkling caravan.

  The scene curtains on a loom hung & spun
  As woven gateways from earth to heaven.

  © 2002 Robin Ouzman