SONNETTO POESIA Vol 1 no 1 2002
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In Memoriam Familiae



Mount Hood. Alpine Meadow

    For my Aunt Molly, 2002 and my Mother, 1997

    Quickly and pleasantly the seasons blow
    Over the meadows of eternity,
    As wave on wave the pulsings of the sea
    Merge and are lost, each in the other's flow.
    Time is no lover; it is only he
    That is the one unconquerable foe,
    He is the sudden tempest none can know,
    Winged with swift winds that none may hope to flee.
    Fair child of loveliness, these endless fears
    Are nought to us; let us be gods of stone,
    And set our images beyond the years
    On some high mount where we can be alone;
    And thou shalt ever be as now thou art,
    And I shall watch thee with untroubled heart.

    Robert Hillyer (1895-1961)