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Sonnetto Poesia Vol 3 no 3 2004
Samuel Taylor Coleridge, "Ad Lyram"
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The Battlefield

The battlefield is not the place to weep --
In victory's found the damper of defeat:
The eagle comes, a slayer in our sleep,
Our wounded souls reminders when we meet.

Before the blows the nursing that we need
That all be found too sated to be sore:
Its inner lack thats girding us with greed,
And so, my friends, the reasons there is war.

Let us address the issues as they are --
Upon the hill the Herald of the Heart:
Let peace appear, a stranger to the scar
And we'll avoid the dagger and the dart.

The battlefield reveals to us but theft:
It shows no right; it only shows who's left.

Giant Force

The Northern wind will wallop you a clout!
Such forces are will knock you off your feet!
In Providence, that's what it's all about,
And that's one place where you cannot compete!
You'll realize it's futile to resist;
The best to do is find a place to hide:
The force is strong and nothing will be missed,
And that's a fact that's not to be denied!
We're miniscule, like ants upon a hill,
Where steps, with force, a giant, with a thud!
His strides are wide, he surely means to kill,
Potential, there, to spill our very blood!
The Northern wind is just the start of it;
The universe is at the heart of it!




Today I Weep

Oh Mother Earth, today I weep out loud
To think of what the world has done to you
Above us now there hangs a killer cloud
And yet uncurbed the deadly things we do.
And you whose wonders were so very wide,
Who sheltered us on cold and wintry days
Who gave us food and kept us satisfied
The sun our light with all its golden rays,
Your fields were full of berries and of corn
Your waters teemed with salmon and with cod
We honoured you the minute we were born
And gave our gifts forever, then, to God.
Oh Mother Earth today I weep in shame
To think that mine have cursed your holy name.



The Way of the Light

Deprived of light the periwinkles die.
Bereft of rain the pastures turn to dust.
The blazing suns a terror from the sky,
And we're at odds re: people we can trust.
We're made to pause, assessing every inch,
Upon that mile where destiny awaits:
Then blows rain down, the fighter's in a clinch --
Beyond this guard, no punch that penetrates.
When we're aware the threats are minimized,
As options rule and planning then prevails.
We move ahead, no longer terrorized
By weights now weighed on different kinds of scales.
Imbued with light, the periwinkles thrive,
With this the way for all that is alive.

Heart Afire!

I'll pray for peace till peace has come to pass,
Or else I fade into another realm,
For, love, to me, is such a looking glass,
I see no less than God there, at the helm!
Another name for God we know is love,
And, such a claim is hard to overlook,
The earth below and heaven, up above,
Confirmed the call in every single book!
Where love abounds there, too, is God at hand,
And that's a place where truly I aspire,
For peace is what the Master surely planned,
Which, in my heart, is truly made a fire!
I'll pray for peace till peace has finally shown,
Or else I fade and melt into the stone!

by Richard Doiron 2004



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