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Sonnetto Poesia Vol 2 no 2
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This is my offering,
Muse of multiple illusion
& ultimate significance,
This is my innocence.

Robin Ouzman Hislop, 2003



Daffodil yellow horns
Herald out the winter,
Herald in the spring.

O sun's lovely daughters
Who only stay to sing,
Spending a few brief hours
While we go on a haymaking
& you play truant with our day

Capturing the heart on wing
With many a ditty & elegy,
as we cling on as badger to shin

Still you adorn our cemetery.
No truant for us in this prison
Except listen to grass grow & you sing.


Robin Ouzman 2002



Honeysuckle, the sweet breeze.
Honeysuckle, the birds & bees.
Honeysuckle, sweet memories.
Honeysuckle, the glowing glade.
Honeysuckle, the Easter parade.
Honeysuckle, the bloom & flowers.
Honeysuckle, the fading hours.
Honeysuckle, the hearts yearning
Seat of loves slow quick turning.
Honeysuckle these tears that slip
To the deep, to the deep.
Honeysuckle, the other day
On the horizon far away.
Honeysuckle mirage on a floating comma    ,


Robin Ouzman 2002


On a wind May evening
hawthorn white bursts
as the sun green glints
through chestnut leaves
rippling to shrill cadences
of wild wavering whistles
scattering the head on
arc spinning in the wind
rushing sweeping behind
in the seen and unseen
wooing cooing blowing
madding beat in brain
as heart on wings sings
a May chorus song.

Robin Ouzman 2002


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