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Sonnetto Poesia Vol 2 no 2
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A bathroom should be conventionally blue,
an icy touch through vapours where
one might also corporeal silver
fish with a mermaid or so.
A bathroom should be as blue
as the sky & sea without sun
or moon, or day & night, or dawn
Or twilight, in only water & blue
& silver luminosity of mirror
which bears you clothed & delivers
You naked where you float with silver
fish & mermaids between frozen sea & cauldron
in vaporous mists of Ariel in a bathroom.

Robin Ouzman 2002

House of Disconsolate Ghosts

House of disconsolate ghosts
You are not alone in your haunting,
As is the unborn sun so lost.
You are listening & waiting
For an answer to return. Yet
What is the difference if
To be is death or life.
Death was too long ago to remember
& to die twice is thrice & more.
You will get used to it.
You will learn to continue
No matter how disconsolate
From what life had seemed to be
Or the mystery to set you free.


Footsteps on Flagstones

Lead me back in handcuffs,
Dont ever think of setting me free.
Im just the stuff dreams are made of,
Sweeter for you than for me.
Lead me to the altar,
Chalice of gold, frankincense & myrrh
& ever eager angels peeping from every door,

Bind me to your minions, chain me to the floor:

Your catatonic tombs, claws of skeleton dread,
the pavement youd lay on me overhead
to the echoes where your feet must tread,
forgotten in life & unremembered dead.

Another record of deeds in version,
RIP accordingly in reference to a person.


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