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Canadian Zen Haiku canadien Vol 2 no 2


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On this lonely path
The wind, my sole companion --
My refuge, the sea.

Yes, these are my dreams,
Breaking like the ocean waves
On the rocks of time.

I'm an idiot.
Somehow I missed the punch line,
While watching the stars.




Up on the lampposts
The sparrows gather and sing
In the morning light.

Outside the classroom,
Where you learn about haiku,
Blooms a cherry tree.

Like a silly pup
In pursuit of a rabbit
I court my darling.

With this poem I bring
A silver key to your heart
But where is the lock?



Don't worry, darling,
The world will change regardless --
With or without us.

I can only laugh,
As I look back on my youth --
I wouldn't change a thing.

by Alexander Shaumyan 2003

FROM his book,

What is a Poet? Poems, Short Stories and Essays, by Alexander Shaumyan. New Haven, Ct.: Published by Alexander Shaumyan, 2003.
iii, 105 pp. ISBN 1-59196-431-8




Winter's last teardrop
now a fading memory
too soon forgotten.

Momentary sighs
as a daffodil awakens
to the morning sun.

A moment in time
witnessed as the daffodil
first opens her eyes.

Marching single file
in parades on sloping hills
tulips entertain.

by Donna Wallace,
a.k.a. Gentle Daydreamer, 2004