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Sonnetto Poesia Vol 3 no 2 2004
Eric Linden
Audrey Manning
Helga Ross
Larry Tilander
Richard Vallance
Sara Russell
Esther Cameron & Jim Dunlap
Recommended Reading
Recommended Reading







Ronsard, Pierre de. Amours de Marie. Sonnets pour Hélène. Paris : Lettres françaises (Collection de l'Imprimerie nationale), © 1985. Textes présentés et commentés par Robert Aulotte; illustrations de Véronique Jordan-Roman. ISBN 2-11-080828-4. Reliure de luxe à un prix abordable. Les illustrations sont d'une rare beauté. (Deluxe binding at an affordable price. The illlustrations are unusually lovely.)


Shelley, Percy Bysshe, with an Introduction by Kenneth Neill Cameron. Selected Poetry and Prose. San Francisco: Rinehart Press, © 1951. xxxvi, 536 pp. ISBN 0-03-008100-9


Lochlead, Douglas, ed.. The Poems of Archibald Lampman (including At the Long Sault). Toronto: University of Toronto Press, © 1974. xxv, 473 pp. + 45 pp. ISBN (paperback) 0-8020-2074-7. This is a definite volume of Archibald Lampman's poems, and includes a lengthy introductory essay as well as all of Lampman's distinctly Canadian sonnets.


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An explanation of the magazine's two names:

"Neovictorian" is a declaration of loyalty to a culture that offered poets an honorable place on the public stage, not only as singers but as thinkers who could help to sort out the complexities of modern knowledge & life.

"Cochlea" is a declaration of loyalty to a poetry addressed first of all to the inner ear (in contradistinction to a certain current emphasis on "visual imagery"). The fact that this second name derives from anatomy rather than culture is meant as a reminder that all forms are grounded in the human form, and that all literary criteria are only approximations to something that must always be listened for without presuppositions. As the late Chaim Sokolik, physicist and poet, once, said:

"You are forgetting your culture, you are becoming a poet."


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SONNETTO POESIA Vol 3 no 2 2004