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Sonnetto Poesia Vol 3 no 2 2004
Eric Linden
Audrey Manning
Helga Ross
Larry Tilander
Richard Vallance
Sara Russell
Esther Cameron & Jim Dunlap
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Helga Ross







Biography of Helga Ross

A leading edge baby boomer, Helga Ross derives great pleasure from art and life, which she expresses through an eclectic writing repertoire of material, styles and form. Thanks to the example and encouragement of fellow poet and sonneteer, Richard Vallance, she is now keen on sonnet writing. Helga believes and illustrates the aphorism that, "The creative mind plays with the objects it loves". Her poetic voice is playful, provocative, uplifting. Her serious pieces conclude on a positive note, reflecting her approach to life. She lives in Newmarket Ontario, home of one of our celebrated Canadian writers of an earlier generation, Mazo de la Roche. Happily early retired for the last year or so, she derives her passion and purpose from literary pursuits and enjoyment of the outdoors. To date, Richard Vallance has published Helga's free form poem, "Small Moments" and her sonnet "Such is Peace" in previous issues of his poetry e-zines.

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Passions in Prose (Helga Ross)



So Says Sophocles...?

Sophocles, wise one, truth still we seek.
Lessons of Oedipus Tyrannus/Rex
settled some say; skeptics otherwise speak.
Undone by hamartia, hybris. No, hex!
Only believe Free Will need bow to Fate
for comfort, avoidance brings tragedy,
no point. No! Such foresight obliges sate
to save one's own from harm as remedy.
Naturally! Who would not? To blame
himself, for us to blame as well - Absurd!
Not hatred, premeditation, his shame.
Unjust designs of careless gods occurred.
But, even so, to try - to know - to not -
Destiny would be met, unseen, begot.

Helga Ross 2004





Night Vision

At the edge of the lake where shadows lay,
lustre of slate, restive, alone, he waits,
mood tempered by gloom; reflects the gray
that still water, opaque depth, creates.
She should be here by now, this much is clear.
Seeing desire she couldnt disguise,
the light of longing unveil her eyes, the tear:
To balk his blunt demand - Rueful surprise!
Only hours ago, hadn't she sought him out?
Returned his fevered gaze, pleased to hold?
Sure of himself, insistence overcomes doubt
he perceived: Meet, eager; more reveal, be told.
In the dark, hollow sound, shrill rings the alarm:
She races to reach him - Awakens - Breaks charm!

Helga Ross 2004


Words Matter

Words, choose them well, such power is there
to move, be moved, by sound, script on a page.
Winnow a whine; speak with voice of the sage;
fine wine our linguistic grapes, we who care.
Let us speak for those who cannot speak, dare
revive lives forestalled and hopes failed.  The rage,
pain we feel, outward direct, help assuage
for Them.  Surrender lament for songs rare.
They'd have made the music we must find
to fashion; reform this dance with passion
from lessons past - Present, future demands.
Words, an art we employ with skills entwined.
Wound of rapier thrust, whisper compassion.
We parry the point.  So, conscience commands.

Helga Ross 2004


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